SANCA Western Cape’s corporate services, which date back to the early 1970s when Employee Assistance Programmes were first introduced at a number of local business concerns, incorporate a comprehensive basket of workplace prevention and intervention programmes.

Development of Company Policy and Procedures

A clear policy on substance abuse represents the foundation for addressing workplace substance abuse effectively. SANCA Western Cape assists corporate concerns to upgrade existing or formulate new policies and procedures to address a variety of matters including the testing of employees for suspected intoxication, detection and verification procedures, assessment, referrals, treatment and the obligations of managers or supervisors towards staff with substance abuse problems.

Employee Awareness and Education Programmes

These sessions are presented to groups of employees ranging in size from 20 – 30 and cover the short-term effects of alcohol, the effects of substance abuse on the occupational safety job performance and legal obligations.

The standard cost per session is roughly R 1,000 per session, but this may vary depending on travelling distance and total number of sessions to be conducted.

Managing Substance Abuse in the work place

Corporate  Services pageThis training programme, which is conducted in a morning session, equips managers and supervisors to identify substance abuse timeously and manage intoxication and dependency in the workplace appropriately. The course covers the manifestations of substance abuse and dependency in the workplace, occupational safety risks, statutory obligations and intervention procedures. Role-playing exercises and video clips are utilised in a participative training context.

The standard cost per session is R 2 200, although this may vary depending on distances to be travelled, the number of sessions to be conducted and their duration. The cost is also inclusive of the training evaluation report.

Session outline:

  • Introduction and completion of assessment questionnaires & course overview;
  • Substance abuse and the process of addiction: definitions, phases of use/abuse, characteristics of addiction;
  • Alcohol absorption & acute effects
  • The development of a drinking problem: progression of social use to alcohol dependency
  • Common drugs of abuse: overview of short and long-term observable effects of substance abuse
  • Management of intoxication and dependency in the work place: a model for observation and intervention
  • The Labour Relations Act & fair discipline.

Workplace Drug Testing Service

SANCA Western Cape offers on-site workplace screening service to a number of companies. The screening is done by trained and experienced SANCA professionals with proper regard to ethical and legal considerations and with the express consent of the employee. In event of presumptive positive results, confirmatory tests can be arranged by suitably equipped laboratories.

The main advantage of having such tests done by an external agency lies in the fact that administrator bias is minimized and the process does not compromise the relationship between the test candidate and line management.

Cost may vary between R80 and R130 per test depending on frequency, number of tests done and travelling. For further information, contact Tertius Cronje at 021 945 4080

Drug testing in the workplace training course

Corporate Services trainingThis is a one-day course designed specially to instruct key personnel on the legal, technical and methodological aspects of drug testing in the workplace. The course is ideally suited for line managers, HR Managers, personnel officers, occupational health practitioners, EAP administrators and corporate social workers.

The following aspects are covered:

    • Why drug testing?
    • Difference between screening and confirmatory tests;
    • Test matrices;
    • Types of screening tests;
    • Sample collecting guidelines;
    • Cannabis & drug screening tests pitfalls;
    • Alcohol testing;
    • False positive & negatives;
    • Ethical & legal issues.

Cost: R800 per candidate.

Exhibitions and Health Days

On site substance abuse displays are conducted for companies and are staffed by SANCA personnel or trained volunteers. The exhibition consists of banners, a poster display and an assortment of brochures.

Cost: R900 per day (this may vary depending on the total duration, having a staff member present or not and travelling)

On site Assessment and Counselling

SANCA Western Cape offers a specialist onsite assessment and counselling service to the corporate sector. Designated social workers visit companies on a scheduled basis to provide a holistic assessment and counselling service at a competitive rate. This service has proven to be enormously beneficial to client companies as it effectively addresses the performance challenges of troubled employees and reduces the workload of human resources and occupational health personnel, while SANCA is provided with a much-needed source of revenue.

Quarterly Newsletters

The organisation’s quarterly newsletters keep employers and employees abreast of relevant and contemporary topics in the field of substance abuse, and are frequently used as informational brochures or handouts.

Corporate Client Base

SANCA Western Cape is proud to have provided corporate services to a wide range of business concerns and thank the following for their support:

• Boskalis
• De Beers Marine
• Escom
• Hisense
• Hypermarket Brackenfell
• Indigo Cosmetics
• New Clicks
• Overstrand Municipality
• Parmalat
• Pathcare
• The Cold Chain
• Power Construction
• Pick ‘n Pay
• Premium Ideas
• Sappi
• Tronox
• University of Stellenbosch

For additional information on SANCA Western Cape’s corporate services please contact Tertius Cronje, Director Corporate Services on 021 945 4080.